Fixture Installation Project

Forest Electric New York recently completed an extremely challenging, 70-foot fixture installation for a high-end, mixed-used building in Manhattan. The incredible piece spanned from the 24th staircase all the way to the 35th floor, which meant our team had to climb up 70-feet of rope in order to reach, assemble, and complete the fixture’s terminations.

Two of our Journeymen, Frank Cangemi and John Shaw underwent an intensive 40-hour training course from the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) in order to become qualified for the job. Along with our dedicated Journeymen, thanks to General Superintendent Frank Rapisardi, General Foreman Kevin Chin, Project Manager Michael Morrone, and Assistant Project Manager Ozzie Lunja for their leadership on the project.

The 4,500-pound chandelier features a fixture with 10 power supplies feeding 36 hoops for LED lighting. Additionally, one speaker was mounted to the fixture’s base and four speakers were installed midway through, alongside 16 Cat-6 cables pulled to control data.

From training, to planning, to installation, the Forest Electric team executed an outstanding project for a truly outstanding chandelier.