Queens, NY

The New York City Rapid Repairs Program

Forest NY mobilized a large team to promptly provide electrical services installation and repairs for over 20,000 homes affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Value Delivered

The New York City Rapid Repairs Program called upon Forest Electric New York (Forest NY) to help restore power, lighting, and heat to over 20,000 residential units in Far Rockaway, Queens, and Staten Island that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Forest NY worked with city agencies, utilities, and other contractors to help facilitate a seamless recovery process.

We promptly mobilized a large team focused on restoring electricity to the region. Our electricians, project managers, superintendents, and warehouse personnel all worked long hours to help ensure that displaced residents could return home as safely and quickly as possible. Thanks in part to our efforts, the Rapid Repairs Program restored area services for residents in just five months.

Client Solutions

The New York City Rapid Repairs Program employed over 2,300 contractors in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to help repair thousands of homes in New York City.


Forest NY installed electrical services and safe wiring for boilers and furnaces, helping restore electricity to the area’s main operations controls center and residential homes.

Client Background

The New York City Rapid Repairs Program was a Federal Emergency Management Agency-funded initiative that employed contractors to repair homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy.