The Bronx, NY

New York City Public Safety Answering Center (PSAC)

Forest NY furnished and installed sophisticated end-to-end data systems for this public safety call center.

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New York (Forest NY) played an integral role in the construction and buildout of PSAC II, the second location of New York City’s Public Safety Answering Center. Forest NY furnished and installed end-to-end data systems, including a Cat6A copper plant and a 10-gigabit fiber plant, in order to provide the fastest and most up-to-date IT solutions for the call center.

Client Solutions

PSAC wanted to build a second call center site to serve as the main headquarters for the New York police and fire department emergency call response services. When necessary, PSAC II needed to be able to serve as the sole 911 call center, housing around 230 operators and dispatchers working around the clock.

As a whole, PSAC handles approximately 11 million emergency calls a year, so it was vital that their data systems have the capacity and sophistication needed to handle high volume.


Forest NY was responsible for the building’s entire grounding system as well as the security system for all cabinets onsite.

We also assisted with the buildout of a data center, two radio rooms, and two telecommunications services entrance rooms. These specialized room buildouts included racks, wall fields, multi-tier cable tray systems, riser cabling, and inter-room cabling.

Finally, Forest NY furnished and installed copper and fiber cabling throughout the 450,000-square-foot facility. This cabling included:

  • Over 7 million feet of copper cable to operator stations across ten floors
  • Several million feet of copper and fiber risers, installed between all floors and in the data center
  • Various racks throughout 20 telecommunications rooms

Client Background

The Public Safety Answering Service is the information technology and communications hub of the New York City Police Department and New York City Fire Department.