Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Forest NY installed lighting, dimming, fire alarm, and power distribution systems.

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New York (Forest NY) installed lighting, dimming, fire alarm, and power distribution systems for this extensive renovation project. We helped the building achieve compliance with current fire code standards, and outfitted gallery spaces, a new café and gift shop, and a new high-end restaurant with updated electrical infrastructure.

Forest NY had performed several prior projects at the facility, including constructing a new building extension and installing new electric service. Leveraging this experience, our team was well-prepared to carefully perform work without disturbing open sections of the museum.

We delivered the renovations according to a tightly-phased schedule revolving around the museum’s calendar of upcoming exhibitions. We reserved Mondays and Tuesdays—when the museum is closed to the public—for chopping, drilling, and power shutdowns.

Client Solutions

The Brooklyn Museum of Art needed extensive electrical renovations to better accommodate museum-goers and artwork displays.


Forest NY replaced the building’s existing electrical services, and renovated its 32,000-square-foot basement.

We installed the following systems and their associated equipment:

  • Distribution panels
  • Lighting
  • Dimming
  • Security
  • Fire alarm
  • Kitchen
  • Audio

Client Background

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the oldest and largest publicly-funded museums in the U.S.