Nomura Holdings, Inc. - Trading Floor Upgrades

Hand touching screen of a tablet style cash register

New York, NY

Forest Electric New York provided electrical work for eight levels at Nomura Holdings’ New York offices, including trading and executive floors.

To meet our customer’s fast-paced expectations, we leveraged considerable labor and management time to complete the project ahead of schedule. The computer-controlled lighting systems help maximize energy efficiency, and our team helped to ensure that all kitchen equipment was wired safely and reliably. 

Our team furnished and installed the following systems and equipment:

  • Emergency power, including generators, switchgear, transfer switches, and load banks
  • Computer-controlled LED and fluorescent lighting
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Dimming controls
  • Kitchen/dining equipment, including grills, pizza ovens, warming stations, dish conveyors, and cash registers

Nomura Holdings is a Japanese financial holding and investment services company headquartered in Tokyo.