New York, NY

Natixis Investment Managers

Forest NY performed extensive electrical upgrades, to help reduce downtime and  improve core business capabilities.

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New York (Forest NY) provided a number of upgrades which helped increase Natixis’ electrical power, security, energy efficiency, and overall systems reliability. We helped virtually eliminate downtime concerns by installing emergency backup power and transient voltage surge protection. Our work helped enhance Natixis’ ability to track and control their utility bills, as well as increase core business productivity.

Client Objectives

Natixis required various infrastructure upgrades to meet their growing organizational needs.


Forest NY performed a third-floor electrical fit-out, as well as uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and emergency power infrastructure installations on floors three through five.

Our team rigged and installed the following equipment:

  • A new 500-kilowatt emergency power system on the seventh-floor roof setback
  • An 800-ampere electromechanical distribution board
  • Nine automatic transfer switches and all associated emergency power feeders
  • UPS modules with associated battery and maintenance bypass cabinets
    • One 120-kilovolt-ampere module
    • Two 60-kilovolt-ampere modules
  • Power wiring at 194 trading desks
  • Two five-kilowatt emergency lighting inverter units

We also provided power and lighting to three floors of traders, office support staff, and executives by installing:

  • Distribution panels
  • Panel boards
  • Transformers
  • Transient voltage surge suppressor units
  • Sub-metering

Finally, we built two integrated dual-feed light and power closets.

Client Background

Natixis Investment Managers is one of the largest asset management companies in the world.