Jeffries Group, LLC

Electrician working on wiring and switches

New York, NY

Jefferies Group chose Forest Electric New York to provide the electrical systems for their new offices and trading floors, including a new data center and generator room to help ensure they always have power for their operations.

Our team carefully phased the project so that Jefferies could seamlessly conduct business during the renovations. The data center was installed first, and all subsequent distribution tie-ins carefully planned and coordinated to not interrupt their work. We worked diligently to complete the project ahead of its already accelerated schedule.

We furnished and installed:

  • One 1,500-kilowatt diesel generator with duct mounted load banks and a remote radiator
  • Five automatic transfer switches
  • Two 500-kilowatt uninterruptible power systems
  • Paralleling switchgear
  • Two power distribution units
  • RX panels
  • Chiller plant

Jefferies Group, LLC is an investment bank and securities firm serving institutional, corporate, and government investors.