The Institute of Culinary Education

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New York, NY

Forest Electric New York installed electrical infrastructure for this new 44,000 square foot facility for the Institute of Culinary Education, including state-of-the-art kitchens and classrooms. 

To meet the needs of the high-tech kitchen spaces, we assembled a team of dedicated experts with experience handling similar kitchen systems and equipment, who worked closely with equipment vendors to help ensure that the project was completed on schedule. 

In addition, our team provided the facility’s power infrastructure, light fixtures and controls, and fire suppression systems.

Our work included:

  • Installing new transformers and distribution panels to provide power to 13 commercial grade kitchens, classrooms, and open spaces
  • Fire suppression system, consisting of control panels and hood controls that tie all the kitchen systems together
  • Modern LED light fixtures and dimming controls, customizable in each specific kitchen
  • Audio-visual system power and conduit
  • Fire alarm system featuring individual controls, fan shutdowns, and notifications for each kitchen unit

The Institute of Culinary Education is an accredited for-profit culinary school.